In late 1950 a public meeting formed the Lae Golf Club. The present site had been selected for the course after an alternative, in the Butibum Terrace area, was deemed unsuitable. The site chosen had been part of an agricultural lease before World War II and during it US troops had used the area as an ordnance depot and vehicle park.

Six holes were initially laid out with the first tee roughly where the 8th tee now stands. The club was officially opened by the first President, Sir Horrie Niall (deceased), in October 1951. Club Captain, Clare Jeffers (deceased), stepped up to play the first shot—but it was an air swing! The original sand greens remained for two years until Goroka Couch was introduced at the same time as the course was extended to nine holes. The nine holes were roughly today’s front nine.

In 1962 three further fairways were constructed and two years later a start made on the remaining six to make it the first 18 Hole course in the Territory of Papua New Guinea.
Lae Golf Club became incorporated in December 1973. In more recent years the course has undergone significant changes with the addition of nearly 50 bunkers and the growth of many trees on the course, making it a more challenging test of golf.

In 2001, the club celebrated its 50th anniversary with a gala event. Mr James Birrell, a foundation member was guest of honour as the club replayed the first competition - a Canadian Foursomes, and played host to a gala ball.

As the club has evolved it introduced tennis courts, a bowling green, a basketball court and a soon to be completed world class driving range. Lae Golf Club maintains is reputation as the premier course and facility in Papua New Guinea to this day. It has played host to numerous national, international and PGA events such as the PNG National Amateur Championships, Huon Open and the Morobe Open. In 2022, the club hosted the first PGA Australia Legends Tour Event in Papua New Guinea, the PNG Senior Open. The inaugural event was won by an icon of world golf, Mr Peter Senior with -8 over three rounds. The Club was honoured by the PGA professionals by being selected as the QLD PGA Legends Tournament of the Year for 2022.
PMJM on the 16th Tee


Craig Wadham
Vice President
Barry Finall
Ladies Convener
Tracey Warnecke
Honorary Secretary
Nigel Merrick
Honorary Treasurer
Logen Rajanthran
Mens Captain
Francis Sabeniano
Ladies Captain
Phyonna Gangloff
Administration Convener
Patrick Flinter
House Conveners
David Lockwood
Other Sports Convener
Harry Kaisa
Grounds Convener
Damian Chow
Special Projects Convener


Club Manager
Operations Manager
Gypsy Santiago
Members Coordinator
Victorina Wadham
Course Superintendent
Yume Muka
Office Manager
Dorothy Namalu
Hospitality Manager
Claire So-On
Pro Shop Manager
Joycelin Wesley
Workshop Supervisor
Hookey Barney


Life Membership of Lae Golf Club is bestowed by resolution at Annual General Meetings. Over the course of the club’s existence, this honour has been bestowed on members of the club for their outstanding contribution, over an extended period, as both a playing member and active committee member. The following list of Life Members is accurate at May 2023.
Mr Bernard Avery
Mr James Birrell
Mr Bob Hunter
Mr William Doherty
Mr Bernard Friel
Mr Jack Johnstone
Mr James Seeto MBE
Mr John Keating MBE
Mr Martin McGrath
Sir Horrie Niall
Mr James K Perry
Mr Ralph Phillips
Mr George Pike
Mr Stuart Scott
Mr William Stuart
Mr Brian Stevenson
Mr James Rook
Mr George Sellar
Mrs Jo Pike
Mr Alex Berry
Mr Bertie Heath
Mr John Jacobson
Mrs Margaret Ashton
Mrs Orm Denny
Mr Montegue Brown
Mr Jack Punch
Mrs Betty Green
Sir Robert Sinclair
Mr Greg Fennell
Mr Stan Warnecke
Mr Nigel Merrick, MBE
Mr James Green
Mr John Buri


The following Past Presidents Honour Roll is accurate at May 2023:
Year Club President Ladies President/Convener
1951 Sir Horrie Niall I Pollard
1951 Sir Horrie Niall H Peterson
1952 Sir Horrie Niall E Beckett
1953 Sir Horrie Niall A Niall
1954 Sir Horrie Niall A Niall
1955 Sir Horrie Niall A Niall
1956 Sir Horrie Niall P Griffiths
1957 Sir Horrie Niall P Griffiths
1958 Sir Horrie Niall P Griffiths
1959 Orm Denny P Griffiths
1960 J A Baker P Griffiths
1961 James K Perry A Davies
1962 P Ward D Tinltwell
1963 P Ward A Davies
1964 P Ward Nancy Lowe
1965 P Ward Nancy Lowe
1966 P Ward A Davies
1967 C B Grey Del Stuart
1968 C B Grey J Sinclair
J Pike
1969 C B Grey J Pike
1970 G Watkins J Pike
1971 R Conley G Morltan
M Cool
1972 R Conley J Pike
1973 G Watkins J Pike
1974 K Stubbs Del Stuart
1975 K Stubbs J Hamilton
M Eccleston
1976 Martin McGrath J Hamilton
1977 I McPherson J Hamilton
1978 M Buhler B Breay
1979 D Robertson B Breay
1980 John Twivey B McMullne
1981 John Twivey B Breay
1982 John Twivey L Philips
1983 Bernard Avery M Catton
1984 Bernard Avery Del Stuart
Judy Brereton
1985 William Jolly L Daley
1986 Bernard Avery Betty Green
1987 Bernard Avery Betty Green
1988 John Finn Betty Green
1989 George Sellar Valerie Holland
1990 George Sellar Valerie Holland
1991 George Sellar Margaret Harris
1992 George Sellar Margaret Harris
1993 George Sellar Margaret Harris
1994 George Sellar Raewyn Stobbs
1995 George Sellar Raewyn Stobbs
1996 Peter Rigbye Raewyn Stobbs
1997 Bruce Duffield Raewyn Stobbs
1998 Leigh Stone Sue Lynch
1999 Leigh Stone Sue Lynch
2000 Leigh Stone Rosemary Stone
2001 Bruce Davies Cathy Bell
2002 Bruce Davies Cathy Bell
Haidee Clark
2003 Bruce Davies Haidee Clark
James Green
2004 James Green Natalie Green
2005 James Green Natalie Green
2006 James Green Betty Green
2007 James Green Betty Green
2008 Stan Warnecke B Mapi
2009 Stan Warnecke B Mapi
2010 Stan Warnecke B Mapi
2011 B Seiler B Mapi
2012 B Seiler B Mapi
2013 B Seiler B Mapi
2014 Phil Hommelhoff B Mapi - Merrick
2015 Phil Hommelhoff B Mapi - Merrick
2016 Phil Hommelhoff F Siaguru
2017 Phil Hommelhoff F Siaguru
2018 Phil Hommelhoff Hahire Iomu
2019 Phil Hommelhoff Hahire Iomu
2020 Phil Hommelhoff Hahire Iomu
2021 Phil Hommelhoff Hahire Iomu
2022 Phil Hommelhoff Hahire Iomu
2023 Phil Hommelhoff Hahire Iomu


The following list of Past Captains Honour Roll is accurate at May 2023:
1950 Claire Jeffers 1975 G Crane 1999 Jeff McEvoy
1951 W Lamont 1976 P Briggs / I Wright 2000 Jeff McEvoy
1952 Claire Jeffers 1977 G Crane 2001 James Green
1953 P L Dixon 1978 N Macpherson 2002 James Green
1954 George Pike 1979 J E Philips 2003 Stan Warnecke
1955 George Pike 1980 J Nixon 2004 Stan Warnecke
1956 William Stuart 1981 G Crane 2005 Stan Warnecke
1957 B Hack / George Pike 1982 G Crane 2006 Peter Anderson
1958 G Evans / R Watson 1983 G Crane 2007 Peter Anderson
1959 George Pike 1984 John Daley 2008 Peter Anderson
1960 D M Turner 1985 John Daley 2009 Peter Boyd
1961 W D Pearce 1986 Gary Bigg 2010 Peter Boyd
1962 Ralph Phillips 1987 Stuart Scott 2011 A. Pattison
1963 Ralph Phillips 1988 Stuart Scott 2012 Wayne Baker
1964 William Stuart 1989 Richard Green 2013 Wayne Baker
1965 A Connell 1990 Peter Love / Eddie Bevans 2014 Wayne Baker
1966 George Pike 2015 Wayne Baker
1967 John Keating 1991 Stuart Harris 2016 Wayne Baker
1968 Ian Trevena 1992 Stuart Harris 2017 P Dott
1969 Ian Trevena 1993 Stuart Harris 2018 James Green
1970 R Milburn 1994 Stuart Harris 2019 Gary Sugars
1971 R Milburn 1995 Gabriel Mangil 2020 Gary Sugars
1972 R Milburn 1996 Gabriel Mangil 2021 Gary Sugars
1973 B Anderson 1997 Arthur Szady 2022 Craig Wadham
1974 L Arrowsmith 1998 Arthur Szady 2023  Francis Sabeniano
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