Welcome to the Lae Golf Club Inc
liklik Golf

Coca-Cola Lik Lik juniors play once each month on Sundays at 4:00pm on modified holes 10 - 12. 

For more information please contact, Mick Davey at Lae Builders.

Sunday 5th February

Sunday 19th March

Sunday 23rd April

Sunday 14th May

Sunday 16th July

Sunday 13th August

Sunday 10th September

Sunday 15th October

Sunday 26th November

The Lae Golf Club would like to thank the following sponsors of our main events:  Monthly Medals:    INTEROIL                Morobe Open:        COCA-COLA                Club Championships:   ORICA                Huon Open:        PLUMTRADE          We would also like to thank the many weekly sponsors who help make the club a great place to play!