Welcome to the Lae Golf Club Inc
Life Membership of Lae Golf Club is extended by the committee to those members who have supported the club over a long period of time whether on the committee or by virtue of unseen support over many years.

It is a privelege extended to very few members, and they are to be congratulated for their ongoing commitment to the club and its facilities.

Mr Bernard Avery
Mr James Birrell
Mr Bob Hunter
Mr William Doherty
Mr Bernard Friel
Mr Jack Johnstone
Mr James Seeto MBE
Mr John Keating MBE
Mr Martin McGrath
Sir Horrie Niall
Mr James K Perry
Mr Ralph Phillips
Mr George Pike
Mr Stuart Scott
Mr William Stuart
Mr Brian Stevenson
Mr James Rook
Mr George Sellar
Mrs Jo Pike
Mr Alex Berry
Mr Bertie Heath
Mr John Jacobson
Mrs Margaret Ashton
Mrs Orm Denny
Mr Montegue Brown
Mr Jack Punch
Mrs Betty Green

Sir Robert Sinclair

The Lae Golf Club would like to thank the following sponsors of our main events:  Monthly Medals:    INTEROIL                Morobe Open:        COCA-COLA                Club Championships:   ORICA                Huon Open:        PLUMTRADE          We would also like to thank the many weekly sponsors who help make the club a great place to play!