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Keith Royle Trade Day

This is the premier trade day in Lae each year.  Started in 1985 by Keith Royle from TGA, it was originally intended as a normal company trade day.  At the conclusion of the days play, the winners proudly announced that they would be willing to sponsor the event again the next year, and so a tradition was born.

Every year for since then, the winning net team has hosted the event the following calendar year, and it has become one of the most sought after events to win for Lae golfers.

All nomination fees go towards trophies and food for the day, and the winning company generally sponsors the bar for the evening (or a part thereof anyway!). 

The idea is to promote business interaction amongst Lae members and non members who may not otherwise have a chance to meet during the normal course of the year.
1985 South Pacific Insurance -  Nett 58.50
1986 Collins & Leahy - Nett 57.125
Doug Wood
R Murphy
R Moore
R Fleming
Alan Rowe
Trevor Kennedy
Terry Coleman
Ron Street
1987 Lae Builders & Contractors - Nett 55.375
Warwick Sinclair
Sir Robert Sinclair
Dr John Garap
Greg Fennell
1988 Huon Electrical - Nett 53.875
Peter Miller
G White
John Kerr
Badi Williams
1989 Bridgestone - Nett 56.50
Peter Love
Ted Mills
C Peet
M Dye
1990 N I Insurance - Nett 56.75
I MacErlich
Kevin Yore
Alan Andriske
M DeBoard
1991 WD & HO Wills - Nett 55.575
C Broadbent
Peter Wartovo
Elvis Sekry
1992 Lae Builders & Contractors - Nett 54.875
John Stuart
George Sellar
J Haugie
P Bowen
1993 Lae Builders & Contractors II - Nett 57.75
J Stuart
George Sellar
John Atherton
R Simpson
1994 Lae Builders & Contractors II - Nett 55.125
John Stuart
George Sellar
John Atherton
Roger Simpson
1995 Ramu Sugar No 1 - Nett 56.375
P Fowler
W Kunjil
Colin Shiel
S Malillos
1996 Niugini Tablebirds - Nett 55.875
Colin Wakefield
Lucas Bimbo
A Ashton
Megan Taureka
1997 PNG Drillers - Nett 53.625
Jon Daniels
James Green
Peggy Bala
Rick Green
1998 Lae international Hotel - Nett 58.375
William Guile
George Lifu
J Arnold
Jeff McEvoy
1999 Lae Builders & Contractors - Nett 55.875
Sir Robert Sinclair
Greg Fennell
Michael Davies
Dr John Garap
2000 ABCO Transport - Nett 54.50
Moses Yere
June McCardel
Greg Dicks
Mark Corcoran
2001 Lae Builders & Contractors - Nett 56.675
Greg Fennell
James Birrell
Dean Sinclair
Smyley Bannerman
2002 Lae Plumbing - Nett 54.75
Mark Cunningham
Michael Beirne
Des Sigley
A Long
2003 Coca-Cola/Dunlop/Brian Bell - Nett 52.875
James Green
Grant Larkman
Charles Rossi
Bruce Davies
2004 Ela Motors/Ramu - Nett 51.125
Steve Doherty
Glenn Wilson
David Yere
Vicky Wilson
2005 Territory Packaging - Nett 54.625
Stan Warnecke
Betty Green
Marlen Brunskill
Sergi Licit

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